How It Works

SparrowIQ provides a simple to install software solution that will continuously monitor your network and identify bandwidth hogs, excessive usage, top conversation and more, all in real-time.

  1. Install SparrowIQ

    SparrowIQ is an all-in-one application that can be installed in a matter of minutes on virtually any Windows PC. Simply download and install it on the PC you intend to monitor your network with.

    What type of machines will SparrowIQ work on?
  2. Connect SparrowIQ to your network

    SparrowIQ does not need flow capable switches or routers and can work on even the smallest network. The best vantage point to monitor your network's traffic is your internet gateway - it is also usually the biggest bottleneck.

    How do I connect SparrowIQ to my network?
  3. SparrowIQ analyzes your network’s traffic

    SparrowIQ can now collect, analyze and classify your network traffic in real-time. The traffic is converted into a rich but compact format allowing for months of data to be recorded and analyzed by the user.

    What information does SparrowIQ actually analyze and record?
  4. Start using SparrowIQ

    Open up the browser on your PC, Mac or mobile Device and finally gain visibility into who and what makes up your network’s traffic.

    How do I access SparrowIQ’s user interface?