SparrowIQ Versions

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SparrowIQ 7
Full monitoring features, for smaller networks
SparrowIQ 15
Adds multi-user capability with enhanced alerting and reporting
SparrowIQ 30
Longer-term reporting with full alerting capability
SparrowIQ 30+
Fully featured with support for bigger networks
Throughput 7 Mbps 15 Mbps 30 Mbps 100 Mbps
Number of concurrent users 1 2 2 2
Per user customizable dashboard 1 2 2 2
Historical reporting 1 month 2 months 3 months 3 months
Max # of configured alerts 3 7 15 15
Stored alerts 30 50 100 100
Pricing Pricing is dependent on the number of network users and available on monthly or annual subscription.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Which version will work on my network?

    It depends on the load of your network traffic. We recommend downloading a free trial version of SparrowIQ, which provides you with the tools necessary to evaluate your needs. The free trial will work for 15 days during which you can monitor your network and decide on the version of SparrowIQ to purchase.

  • Can I upgrade my Sparrow version by paying the difference in licensing fee?

    Yes. If you find that the current version of SparrowIQ cannot keep up with the volume of traffic in your network, you can simply pay the difference and upgrade to a higher version of SparrowIQ. Go to and follow the link for Upgrade.

  • Is there a discount for paying upfront?

    Yes. If you pay for a year of service upfront, you receive a discount. Contact for details.

  • What if I am an MSP and wish to purchase many copies, am I eligible for volume discounts?

    Yes, please contact for MSP pricing.

  • How do updates work?

    Updates allow you to update your SparrowIQ software to a newer version. In addition, we will answer and provide support to any of the questions you may have in getting the most out of SparrowIQ.